Short-term learning activity for trainers …

After the elaboration of the educational and examination materials, it will be organised 4 learning activities to train the future trainers on how to teach the different sections of the topics:

C1: Basics of Logistics and Logistics for Fabrication
Trainer(s): trainer of ARILOG and trainer of UCV
Duration: 4 days of C1 + 1 day of TM3

C2: Logistics equipment, expert software and simulators
Host: FHOO (A)
Trainer(s): trainer of FHOO and trainer of UNIRI and trainer of CEL
Duration: 4 days of C2 + 1 day of TM4

C3: Warehousing, stock management and LMS
Host: UNIRI (HR)
Trainer(s): trainer of UNIRI and trainer of DC
Duration: 4 days of C3

C4: Logistics for auxiliary processes
Trainer(s): trainers of ULISBOA
Duration: 4 days of C4 + 1 day of TM5

Participants: 2-4 trainers from each partner for each course
Scope: training of trainers; the training will be focused on the pedagogical aspects of the teaching, on how to prepare the course and the trainees, what equipment is better to be used, what information to be accentuated during the presentation and how to combine the presentation of all teaching resources offered by the developed ETS.
Preparation of the learning activities: UCV will prepare audit procedure, to evaluate the conditions of the organising, in respect to QSLOT; it will apply audit and it will elaborate report on audit
Finalisation of the course: examination according to the developed system
Certificate: each trainee who passed the exam will receive Certificate of Graduation