ARILOG is a professional non-profit organization promoting best practices in logistics and supply chain, networking and sharing professional information among its members.

ARILOG is promoting educational programs within Romanian logistics, manufacturing and transport companies since 2002, being an important liaison between the private companies and universities or/and educational centres.


CEL is a non-profit organization, pioneer in the dissemination of knowledge and the contribution to the development of the logistics sector in Spain since 1978. As a founding member of ELA (European Logistics Association) and representative in Spain for APICS and ISM (Institute for Supply Management), the CEL adds an international dimension in his effort to develop Supply Chain activities.

Our Mission

Provide the maximum value to its members through the promotion and development of logistics in Spain. Professionals, companies and institutions of different business areas trust the CEL for these activities.

Our objectives

  • To be the forum for communication and dissemination of logistics innovations
  • To offer information of the  latest trends and techniques in logistics management
  • To promote  sharing of experiences among companies and professionals
  • To deliver excellence in training for logistics professionals
  • To gather and issue international experiences

Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has an extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which company’s R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners. During 15 years, Danmar has successfully implemented over 50 projects within Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Progress and recently Erasmus+. In many of these projects Danmar was responsible for designing and coordinating dissemination strategies. Danmar Computers is the developer and provider of AdminProject (, the on-line system for management of European projects. All activities of the company are based on wide and well-established cooperation network, both on national and international levels. The national networks include training and counselling institutions, universities, schools, non-governmental organisations as well as private sector companies. International network include partners of various profiles coming from every European Union’s country. Danmar Computer’s mission is the promotion of life-long education and assurance of equal access to education for everyone with the use of modern technology.


Being one of the strongest universities of applied sciences in terms of research in the German-speaking world, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHOO) is a leader in its field. It offers 68 internationally recognized academic degree programmes in four faculties at four campuses, where two are collaborating intensively within different projects: Informatics, Communication & Media (Hagenberg) and Business & Management (Steyr). In 2019 FHOO conducted 546 R&D projects, ranging from small single projects for enterprises, multi-annual projects that are financially supported by public authorities up to long-term partnerships in joint research centers, located at our schools. It participated, resp. participates in 25 projects in FP7, H2020, JTIs und JRPs 13 as beneficiary, coordinating, resp. having coordinated seven of them. Furthermore, in 2019 the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria participated in more than 50 other EU-projects funded through EFRE (and similar) and others such as ERA-Net, ERA-Net+, JPI and EUREKA.

The transport and mobility department (Steyr/Hagenberg) is involved in numerous national and European projects and aims to support greening of transport processes. Current projects concentrate on eco-friendly inland waterway transport, intermodal transport, the optimization of logistics hubs as well as alternative fuels. One main task of the department is to create knowledge and awareness for green, sustainable transport processes especially through education, training, and visibility of this subject. It is a main goal of the research carried out by the transport and mobility department to achieve a modal shift from road towards environmentally friendly modes such as inland waterways, rail or multimodal transport concepts. The department has been involved in many EU-funded research projects in the area of sustainable freight transport including inland waterway transport and port processes. FH OO contributes to RELOAD with its broad and recent knowledge of the IWT sector from a logistics perspective and green innovations. FH OO has conducted various literature reviews, qualitative and quantitative studies FH OO has coordinated successfully coordinated previous work packages and tasks in European funded projects (e.g. ChemLog Multi T&T, LNG Masterplan, iw-net). FHOO is capable to produce high qualitative awareness building material (e.g. the projects REWWay & PROMINENT) and the lecturing at the university.

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies is the oldest Maritime Education and Training institution of higher education in the Adriatic area offering academic degree courses in Transport Technology, Logistics and Management, Nautical Science and Maritime Safety, Marine Engineering, Marine Electronics and Communications. Faculty activities are organized in total of eight science-academic organizational units, of which five main departments and three supporting departments. Departments are responsible for establishing and implementing study programs, conducting scientific research and professional work in the areas of academic majors.

Faculty of Maritime Studies activities on international projects are conducted by implementation and participation of academic and other staff in projects related to the management and organization of maritime transport and sustainable transport in general as well as in the improvement of education in the field of Maritime Affairs and Transport. More than 10 years, Faculty is active participant in 25 international projects financed from different EU programmes (Erasmus+, LLL, FP7, IPA CBC, FP6, FP5 etc.) and other international foundation.

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies has big research potential in Croatian maritime sector, responding to the needs of the industry. The most important capability is the possibility of research and innovation in interdisciplinary studies. PFRI has access to person’s involved integrated and interdisciplinary research involving ICT, Maritime Transport, Logistics, International Trade Law, Maritime Economy and Engineering, Environment as well as implementation of new ICT learning technologies.


The University of Craiova is one of the high standing higher education institutions in Romania, fostering the scientific, professional and personal growth of almost 19,000 students, guided with competence, professionalism and intellectual generosity by a top flight community of almost 900 academics.

The University of Craiova is the main high profile institution of higher education in the historical region of Oltenia (at the territorial-administrative level, it comprises 5 counties) in the South-West of Romania. Craiova is the largest city in Oltenia and the sixth in the country in point of population, thus offering a rich cultural experience.

Currently, the University of Craiova is a comprehensive structure, including 12 faculties, 3 autonomous academic departments and 41 research centers. The University of Craiova takes pride  in  its  infrastructure (1 main building, 5 university campuses, 11 student  halls of residence, approximately 300 lecture theatres and seminar rooms, 255 laboratories, 1 central library and 14 branch libraries, 4 research and development units, 1 university club, etc.) and in the qualified human resource (900 teaching staff members and 850 administrative and maintenance staff members), as a warrant for the quality of the services provided to the its students and to the community in general.

The University of Craiova offers a diverse spectrum of 104 Bachelor’s degree programmes in 53 academic fields, 98 Master’s degree programmes in 40 areas of study, and doctoral degrees in 26 specializations, which cover fields such as: economics and business administration, law and social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, agriculture and horticulture, automation, computers and electronics, letters and foreign languages, orthodox theology, physical education and sports. The University of Craiova also offers distance education options, summer courses, post-doctoral studies and a Romanian preparatory year.

The University of Craiova can, thus, ensure an efficient coordination and convergence of European policies through transnational cooperation and best practice exchange in all academic fields.

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is the largest and most prestigious university in Portugal and it is one of Europe’s leading universities. Notwithstanding assessment methods or criteria, ULisboa also leads the main international rankings and is amongst the 200 best universities worldwide. Heir to an academic tradition that spans over seven centuries, ULisboa acquired its current status in July 2013, following the merger of the former Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and Universidade de Lisboa.

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the largest and most reputed school of engineering, science and technology in Portugal. Since its creation in 1911, IST aims to contribute to the development of society promoting and sharing excellence in higher education in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology. IST offers Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes, lifelong training and develops Research, Development and Innovation activities, which are essential to provide an education based on the top international standards