Consortium structure and reasons of choosing the partners

The 7 partners of 6 countries who revealed similar needs on industrial logistics it was built based on the expertise of members in logistics activities and in management of the projects implementation.

All partners have expertise in complementary domains, all together being able to solve the tasks of the project:

CO: UNIVERSITATEA DIN CRAIOVA. UCV-Logistics+Management+Fabrication+education
P1: ASOCIAȚIA ROMÂNĂ DE LOGISTICĂ, ARILOG-Logistics+SCM+Warehousing+training
P2: UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA, ULISBOA-Logistics+Management+Fabrication+education
P3: FH OO STUDIENBETRIEBS GMBH, FHOO-Logistics+Management+education
P4: DANMAR COMPUTERS SP Z O.O., DC-E-learning+training
P5: POMORSKI FAKULTET U RIJECI, UNIRI-Logistics+Management+Fabrication+education
P6: CENTRO ESPAÑOL DE LOGISTICA, CEL-Logistics+Transportation+training

All members of the consortium were/are all involved in previous and ongoning national and EU projects on different themes related to logistics, so most of them have the required expertise in managing and implementation of projects. Single, ARILOG participates in first EU project, being involved until now in national and ELA projects. ARILOG is important for being the main link to ELA, together with CEL

All partners were involved in the implementation of activities related to the development of curricula for training, so they have the required expertise to elaborate the QSLOT (qualification standard for LOT, containing curriculum for training)

All partners organized before courses and workshops on logistics, so they have the required expertise to organize the C1,2,3,4 learning activities and all the MEs activities

All partners organized before activities of qualification of personnel, so they have the required expertise in proposing chapters for the QSLOT

All partners organized before activities of dissemination in different projects, so they have the required expertise in the implementation of the proposed multiplier events, in the elaboration of dissemination materials and in the spread on information by direct and indirect methods

All partners have expertise in organizing working teams from past projects

All partners have expertise in the correlation of the implementation to the GANTT and Timeline

All partners have expertise in reporting of their activities and indicators (technical and financial)

All partners are able to take preventive and corrective measures in order to assure in due time the expected quality of the products.

In the same time, the consortium describes very well the EU relevance of the project by:

  • equilibrated geographical spread
  • representing 6 heterogenous countries from the social and economical points of view
  • it consists of 3 types of organizations: 4 universities, 2 logistics associations members of ELA and 1 private company.