Estimated results

  1. Improving the qualification of personnel (as number and as level of the personal qualifications) by introducing of new specific qualification, and the system of application (harmonized standard / educational materials / examination materials)
  2. Decreasing the social differences between the high and low manufacturing skills employees and the decreasing the stress of the low manufacturing skills personnel
  3. Improve the teaching/learning competences by development of modern kit of educational and examination materials which can be used in open education or in online education (by using specific digital tools)
  4. Improving international co-operation in the development of specific qualifications, curricula and educational materials.



Intellectual Outputs

  1. Questionnaire, survey and report on survey regarding the minimal requirements for the qualification as LOT
  2. Proposed qualification standard for the LOT (QSLOT) – level 4 EQF
  3. Educational and training support
    1. Course support (E-Book format) – in RO,DE,ES,HR,PT,PL national languages
    2. Presentations for teaching – in RO,DE,ES,HR,PT,PL national languages
    3. Course Support Notes
    4. Study cases brochure – in RO,DE,ES,HR,PT,PL national languages
  4. Evaluation system
    1. Set of min 140 questions with answers, for the evaluation process (20 questions / chapters 1-7) – in RO,DE,ES,HR,PT,PL national languages
    2. Database to randomly extract questions for questionnaires
    3. Ten questionnaires containing 20 questions extracted from the entire course support (all topics covered)
  5. Guide to implement the qualification process – dedicated to those who will perform the implementation of the training according to the new system based on the specifications of QSLOT
  6. LMS and LMS user guide

Multiplier Events
Each partner will organize:
– 1 workshop to which will invite stakeholders from the labour market, from VET schools and / or public authorities involved in the training of personnel and employment; total participants: min 105
– 2 seminars dedicated to the potential future users of the qualification system; total participants: about 300

Learning activities – SP-VET-SHORT
C1: Basics of Logistics and Logistics for Fabrication – 4 days course in RO (host: ARILOG)
C2: Logistics equipment, expert software and simulators – 4 days course in A (host: FHOO)
C3: Warehousing, stock management and LMS – 4 days course in HR (host: UNIRI)
C4: Logistics for auxiliary processes – 4 days course in P (host: ULISBOA)
Participants to each learning activity: 4 of UCV, 2 of ARILOG, 2 of ULISBOA, 2 of FHOO, 2 of DC, 2 of UNIRI and 2 of CEL.
Total number of participants: 14×4=64
Total number of learning days: 4×4=16

Outputs of the dissemination activities:
Materials: flyers, poster, roll-up, other
Articles in newsletters: min 10
Papers in conferences/journals: min 4
Webpages on partners websites: 7
Individual informed: min 100/partner
VET schools informed: min 5/partner

Activities to be implemented after the completion of the project
1. ETS materials will be periodically updated, for the next 3 years or more; the update process will be financially sustained by the partners
2. Courses for training the future LOTs will be organized in RO,DE,ES,HR and PT, at least – estimation: min 100 individuals will access the qualification in the first year of putting the qualification in force
3. The consortium will continue to elaborate future project proposals in order to increase the number of the qualifications for logistics domain and others – estimation: 1 project in 2020 and 1 in 2021, to ERASMUS+
4. The 14×4=64 trained trainers will train other people
5. The developed Guide to implement the qualification process will be spread to the VET schools which will be interested to implement the new qualification system.
6. Updating the website information
7. Future seminars to attract end-users


Warehousing – Study Case #1

Warehousing – Study Case #2

Warehousing – Study Case #3

Warehousing – Study Case #4