How to use the LMS platform

Within the project Login: Logistics Technologist – new harmonized qualification to unify, regulate and optimize in an innovative concept the disparate logistics activities from a fabrication system, pwe have developed an LMS platform for you. It allows you to learn online through specially prepared material presentations. They contain the most important information from the learning materials available here.

The materials are free for everyone, however it is necessary to create an account on the platform. Below you will find the LMS Guide, which will show you how to navigate the platform.

If you are a teacher/trainer, please read the Guide to implement the qualification process.

We hope that the materials we have prepared will help you learn in an enjoyable way. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact form HERE.

We wish you fruitful learning!
Login Team


Learn how to use the LMS with the LMS GUIDE.

The LMS GUIDE is designed to help you take your first steps on the e-learning platform. It will guide you through the process of creating an account, learning, testing and acquiring a certificate!

You can read it before you start learning, or you can use it as a resource for any problems you may have while working in the LMS.

Guide to implement the qualification process

In LOGIN a handbook was created to provide logistics expertise at EQF 4 level. The handbook consists of five chapters, which offer theoretical input about different facets of logistics, as well as a questions for an evaluation after each chapter. This document serves as a guide for trainers to successfully implement the teaching materials in the framework of their own lectures/courses. For each chapter, some basic organizational questions such as recommended duration, required equipment are answered. The guidelines facilitate the organizational integration of the provided learning material within a lecture or training course and to create an interesting learning environment.