LOGIN Project came from the necessity to gather the main tasks and responsibilities related to logistics, which can be met in a fabrication system, in a single job description requiring specific competences.

Addressing Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

The introduction of such relevant qualification for a fabrication system is complex activity, requesting expertise from at least 4 domains (logistics, fabrication, equipment and ICT) and information from the similar occupations in as many as possible countries. That is the reason of accessing Cooperation for innovation action and Strategic Partnerships key action of the ERASMUS+.

Addressing VET

LOGIN proposes new EQF Level 4 qualification: Logistics Technologist (LOT)
LOGIN proposes Qualification Standard for LOT (QSLOT) for harmonised training and qualification as LOT.
LOGIN proposes ETS and evaluation materials, based on the developed QSLOT.
Due to the existence of harmonised qualification system, the qualification process becomes more transparent and the qualification and certification will be recognised in the countries where the QSLOT is applied.

LOT is specially tailored for:

  • New enters on the labour market as entrepreneurs (leaving the public services or leaving the employee status in the private sectors) who start new industrial business and require minimum of knowledge and competences in organising the logistics activities related to its own fabrication processes
  • Mono-profession people having expertise in low required professions and jobs on the labour market
  • People with low skills in technical manufacturing processes
  • People with low qualifications who require improvement of the access on the labour market by multiplying their qualifications
  • People who need improvement of their knowledge in logistics operations
  • People with no qualification and difficulties in performing of manufacturing processes due to medical and/or social background
    Being tailored for specific segment of adults (by not involving native manufacturing skills, but cognitive skills which are required to be around average, as level) the training for the new qualification gives to the trainees specific and relevant skills which are necessary to access jobs in most of the companies which organize fabrication by mechanical processing and/or plastic deformation processes and/or joining by welding/soldering/brazing.